I have over 1,000 passwords on my iPhone languishing in Keychain chaos, Apple's new iOS 18 Passwords app could change my life

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I’ve used Apple’s iCloud Keychain for as long as I can remember. It’s the simplest way to use passwords across all of my Apple devices, yet with over a thousand passwords and the info buried in Settings, I’m terrified of having to wade into the Wild West of password security.

Now with WWDC 2024 only a few days away, the rumor of a new password management app in iOS 18 is the kind of announcement that would make my ears perk up and my body breathe a sigh of relief. After years of running scared from my passwords, a first-party application that holds all my information could be the spark I need to pull my online security into check.

A dedicated application

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Yes, I know third-party applications like 1Password exist, but there’s something so seamless and easy about Apple’s keychain that makes me rely on it more than I care to admit. A dedicated application for passwords in iOS 18 would stop me from hiding from all of my security recommendations, forcing me to tackle online security head-on and keeping on top of my password woes. I have passwords saved from when I was in high school over 11 years ago, ones I never use for accounts I don’t have access to anymore — so why do I suffer the stress of the clutter? My hope is that removing passwords from Settings and turning the feature into a dedicated app will force me to look at my passwords and take much-needed steps to get on top of my accounts.

Apple’s design expertise

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A password app designed by Apple would hopefully be elegant and simple to use, making it easy to see security recommendations and act on them instantly by using your iPhone’s notification system to alert you of issues. If I got a notification every time Apple deemed an account a security risk I would be way more inclined to take the required steps to fix the problem rather than turn a blind eye. As I said, I’m sure platforms like 1Password offer these solutions already, but they also require subscription services and the need to download third-party software — something I find myself doing less and less the older and lazier I get.

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A Windows application, and beyond

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Mark Gurman reports that the iOS 18 passwords app will also make its way to Windows and that’s very exciting news for Apple users that stray outside of the ecosystem for some computing tasks. When I tried Android last Summer, one of the reasons I had to return to iOS was that I lost all of my passwords held on Apple’s iCloud Keychain. If this password app makes its way to Windows, could we see it arrive on Android in the future? If so one shackle of iOS would be lifted, allowing users to jump ship to Android more easily.

With the WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10, we’ll know more about Apple’s password app very soon. With the expected announcement of Apple AI features baked into all of the company’s operating systems, could passwords also benefit from AI improvements? Only time will tell.

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