iPad 3 cases and covers

Whether iPad 3 will be your first iPad, or whether you've been an iPad user for years, we're curious what kind of case or cover you'll be wanting for it when you get it? Or will you prefer to go naked with no cover at all? Apple so far hasn't kept one iPad form-factor around for more than a year, so while it's possible iPad 2 cases and covers will fit iPad 3, it's also possible accessory makers will once again have to go back to the drawing boards. What should they make you more of?

Apple's own Smart Covers, those of the magnet power, are ultra slim but don't provide much protection for anything other than the screen. Are you waiting for an iPad 3 version? Or do you want something more extreme like the Otterbox Defender and Incipio Destroyer?

Maybe thinner skin cases like the Incipio Hive HoneyComb or cases that offer nice extras like the Case-Mate Pop! with a kickstand (one of my favorites -- great for watching videos!) better suit your fancy?

Some iPad cases include built-in Bluetooth keyboards, which are great for heavy-duty typists. Is that more your thing?

Will you be sticking with something even slimmer, like BodyGuardz skins, which don't stop impact but, in our torture tests stop everything from stones and nails scratching your iPad 3?

Are you more the executive type who enjoys a leather case or pouch, like the Marware or Griffin Elan, to take your iPad 3 on business trips or to meetings? Or someone who goes to the beach, on hikes, or to the pool and wants a case like the Aquapac or Overboard that can protect your iPad from water damage (or deep water or car washes, or dish washers and boat races)

Do you prefer something more unique and luxurious, like Pad & Quill or DODOCase that give you that hipster moleskin vibe, or White Diamonds that showers your iPad 3 in art and crystals?

Or will you stick with nothing at all, just the iPad 3 the way nature and Jony Ive intended?

One thing is for sure -- if history is any indicator we'll be flooded with options just as soon as the manufacturers can crank them out. So go ahead and get your vote in early. Register it in the poll up top and give us the reasons why in the comments below. And if you're not sure what kind of case you like yet, check out the links below for lots of examples!


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