iPad mini installed in the dash of a VW Jetta as an in car entertainment front end

The guys from Soundwaves of Tampa are renowned for always looking to install the latest in car entertainment systems. Thankfully with the release of the smaller iPad mini, staying at the forefront has become much easier. The iPad mini is the perfect size and fit as a front end to a top of the range car audio system.

Here is our latest iPad Mini install done into a 2010 VW Jetta. This demo shows you the integration with the iPad Mini and the Sony CDX-GS600BT controlled by Sony's App Remote.

The iPad mini is integrated with a Sony audio system and controlled via the Sony App on the iPad mini. It is certainly a very nice system and not that expensive to put the components together. The Sony system costs around $200 and the iPad mini from $329. Of course you will have to allow some install costs for the guy’s at Soundwaves; but even then a system that can offer all of that functionality along with full GPS capabilities inbuilt in your car would cost a lot more from a car manufacturer as a pre-installed option.

Personally I think this is a great option and one that car manufacturers should offer themselves. We already have Siri Eyes Free that allows you to control your iPhone from your in car entertainment system so offering full iPad support shouldn't be that hard to do. Of course there is always the danger that having an iPad in your car dashboard may be very distracting for drivers and very interesting to thieves!

Source: YouTube


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