Charge up your Apple devices faster with this amazing Anker Power Bank deal

Anker 525 Portable Power Bank
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While catching all of the best iPad, iPhone, and other Apple deals this Cyber Monday you want to make sure you don't forget about grabbing some of the best accessories to go with your shiny new devices. Anker's portable power banks are always a great item to have whether you're looking to get gifts for someone else or are trying to get something awesome for yourself. Right now, the Anker 525 Power Bank is seriously discounted and is a great choice for any tech owners. 

Anker 525 Portable Power Bank | (Was $70) Now $48 at Amazon

Anker 525 Portable Power Bank | (Was $70) Now $48 at Amazon

Charge up your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or any other Apple device with this powerful portable battery. It offers a 20W power delivery fast-charging USB-C port along with a PowerIQ 2.0 USB port to get everything juiced up quickly. 

The latest iPhones and iPads have impressive battery life, but even so, there are times when you might find yourself running low on power. For instance, when on a business trip or on vacation. Heck, there are even busy moments in our day-to-day lives where it can be easy to forget to recharge our Apple devices and we find ourselves low on battery while out running errands. It's times like these when having a portable battery charger really comes in handy. 

Anker has long been one of the most trusted and reliable portable power bank manufacturers out there. The Anker 525 is no exception as it can quickly charge up an iPhone with additional power to spare thanks to that huge 20,000mAh cell capacity. In fact, in just half an hour it can charge up an iPhone 12 to 50%. Even if you're on the go, this can get you back up to working power in just a little while. Don't miss out on this amazing sale while it still goes on for Cyber Monday. 

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