iPad Air 10.9 new cheapest price is $30 lower than before in Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

iPad Air 10.9
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When Apple released the most recent iPad Air, the world kinda gasped as the M1 logo appeared on the screen. The tablet was to be almost as powerful as the iPad Pro but around $300 less? Impressive. And Impressive the tablet is, too - its edge-to-edge display is bright and beautiful, and the aluminum unibody is still a joy to hold. Now, as the device enters its second year of release, it sees $80 chopped off its price in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, making it the cheapest it's ever been by about $30. 

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iPad Air $80 off at Amazon

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The iPad Air has seen a number of different designs, but the most recent is by far the most attractive. There are some great colors available, like Starlight and Midnight, as well as that stunning edge-to-edge display. Its most impressive feat, however, is being almost as powerful as the iPad Pro for a fraction of the cost. That's even more true in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale - at the moment, you'll find the iPad Air at $80 off full price, giving it the new cheapest price. There are discounts on all the iPad Air line, including all the colors, storage options, and connectivity options.

If you've been looking to pick up an iPad Air, then now could well be the best time there's been for some time. You'll get that gorgeous display for almost $100 cheaper than full price, and with it, you'll get one of the best experiences that the iPad has to offer. Don't forget to pick up one of the best iPad Air cases to protect it as well - that's a lot of tablet that needs protecting.

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