iPadOS 16: 5 features you may have missed

WWDC 2022 IpadOS 16 Overview
WWDC 2022 IpadOS 16 Overview (Image credit: Apple)

Apple had a jam-packed WWDC keynote, with huge changes coming to iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13, and most importantly, iPadOS 16. With iPadOS 16, the iPad seems to finally be moving forward as a possible replacement for a full-fledged laptop thanks to some major multitasking updates including window resizing and overlapping windows, as well as Stage Manager.

But what about the other, smaller features that are coming to iPadOS 16? With all of the hype surrounding multitasking, collaboration, external display support, and more, there were definitely some things that slipped through the cracks. Here are a few features in iPadOS 16 that you may have missed.

The Mail app is getting new tools

This isn't an exclusive feature for iPadOS 16, as it is also in iOS 16, but it's worth mentioning here. While Apple showcased editing and undoing sent messages, as well as marking threads as unread in the Messages app, the Mail app is also getting some much needed love.

In Mail, users will finally be able to schedule emails to send later, as well as the option to rescind delivery of a sent message. We're not sure how long the time frame to do this is, but if it's anything like the Gmail app, it may only be a few seconds. Other new Mail features include Remind Later (aka Snooze in many other third-party email apps) and Follow Up.

The iPad is finally getting a Weather app

It only took about 12 years, but yes, the iPad is finally getting a Weather app. It will have the same fun animations as on the iPhone, along with detailed weather and climate conditions.

But now the question remains — where is the Calculator app on iPad? Hmmm…

Handoff in FaceTime

This also isn't an iPad exclusive feature, but you probably use FaceTime a lot on an iPad, though you may want to transfer it to a different device sometimes. Thankfully, that's available in iPadOS 16 with Handoff integrating seamlessly with FaceTime calls. So now you can start a FaceTime call on your iPad and then move it to an iPhone with iOS 16 or a Mac with macOS Ventura on it. As you switch, connected audio devices will transition as well, so you don't miss a beat.

Improvements to handwritten notes

For fans of handwritten notes in the Notes app with Apple Pencil, things are going to get better in iPadOS 16. In iPadOS 16, it will automatically straighten handwriting so that it's easier to read. You'll also be able to use your iCloud password to lock personal notes as well. Finally, you can add screenshots in Quick Notes, and organize everything intelligently with Smart Folders.

iPadOS 16 natively supports Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

It seems that the new software updates added native support for Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, which wasn't possible before. But it's not just with the Pro Controller — it appears that Apple has added many more Bluetooth and USB game controller support thanks to the new Game Controller framework across multiple platforms.

This makes the iPad even more of a great choice for mobile gaming.

Lots of exciting things to come in iPadOS 16

As you can see, there are a lot of big "small" things that are coming to iPadOS 16 that slipped through the cracks of all the excitement over improved multitasking and more. iPadOS 16 is a solid start for turning your best iPad into a full-fledged laptop replacement.

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