So you've mastered iPhone 101: How to Email a Photo from your iPhone, but you still have friends and family on other phones and they want MMS. One of the biggest gripes against the iPhone, of course, is the lack of MMS. But there is a work around.

Chances are if you are a member of the TiPb forums you may already know it. Either way, read on after the break and we'll show you how!

To email a photo to another cell phone is a pretty easy, except the casual iPhone user or someone who just got their iPhone may have no idea it is even possible! Here's how it works: instead of emailing a picture to a normal email address all you have to do is send it to the a cell phone MMS address. For example, That's all there is to it. The person receiving the picture will get it as a normal MMS message.

Not every carrier has the same MMS email address, so below I have supplied you with all of the major carriers addresses.

  • Alltel -

  • AT&T -

  • Boost Mobile -

  • Einstein PCS -

  • Sprint -

  • T-Mobile -

  • US Cellular -

  • Verizon Wireless -

  • Virgin Mobile -

  • Nextel -

Bonus tip: To make it easier on yourself, be sure to add these email addresses to your contacts so you don't always have to remember them. You can also let your friends know that if they want to get you an MMS message they can simply send it to the normal email address that you currently have set up on your iPhone and not your mobile phone number.