iPhone 11 case hints at support for smaller, lighter Apple Pencil

What you need to know

  • A case maker believes Apple's iPhone 11 will feature Apple Pencil support.
  • The iPhone 11's Apple Pencil will apparently be smaller and lighter than current versions.
  • The iPhone 11 is expected to be unveiled on September 10.

When the iPhone 11 is announced, the marquee feature is expected to be the device's triple-camera setup. Now, a case maker suggests another big feature will help the device stand out.

Renders released by Mobile Fun claim the iPhone 11 Pro will support a smaller version of the Apple Pencil. There's been speculation about Apple bringing Pencil support to the iPhone this year, but up until now we haven't heard anything about a smaller version of Apple Pencil being created.

The cases are merely renders and don't provide any evidence to back up claims that Pencil support is coming to iPhone. Still, Mobile Fun says these renders go "someway to confirming recent rumors that suggest the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max will be compatible with a new version of the Apple Pencil."

Back in July, an analyst speculated that Apple Pencil support would come to the iPhone 11, so the rumor is certainly gaining traction. If true, an iPhone 11 with Pencil support would help the device compete against Samsung's Galaxy Note line.

In addition to alleged Apple Pencil support, the iPhone 11 is expected to feature a triple-camera setup, larger battery, faster internals, and new colors. We'll find out more next month.

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Brandon Russell