iPhone 12 120Hz decision hangs in the balance, says report

Iphone 12 Box
Iphone 12 Box (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

What you need to know

  • EverythingApplePro has released a new iPhone 12 leaks video.
  • According to the video, Max Weinbach is the latest insider to suggest that there will likely be no 120Hz display on the iPhone this year.
  • The decision hangs in the balance following several failed tests.

A new EverythingApplePro video has rounded up several recent iPhone 12 rumors, including information from Max Weinbach regarding the iPhone 12's rumored 120Hz display.

In the video, EAP notes a previous report from display analyst Ross Young pouring cold water on the claim the iPhone 12 would have a Pro 120Hz display. According to EAP, Max Weinbach has corroborated this, apparently stating that engineers have reported back to Apple's executives with some bad news. Most executives had assumed 120Hz would be part of the iPhone 12, but that results "aren't looking too good." It seems that R&D costs would be too high because there are too many problems with the tech. The iPhone 12 Max is reported to have failed four tests, and the iPhone 12 Pro failed three out of 20 overall. The only solace is that the decision on 120Hz has reportedly been pushed back to this week, so nothing is final just yet, however it seems very unlikely at this stage.

EAP reports that Weinbach has also corroborated reports that the iPhone 12 won't include a charging adapter or headphones, speculating that a USB-A cable is a more likely option because more people already have USB-A chargers.

The video also suggests recent leaks about 4K 120 and 240FPS videos are exclusively for slow-motion video, not normal video, on the iPhone 12.

Based on a leaked internal box cutout, EAP showed off a concept (pictured above) of what a thinner iPhone 12 box might look like were it only to contain the phone and a charging cable. The decision to remove the charger from the box is controversial, but you have to admit that looks pretty cool.

You can see the full video below.

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