Qualcomm 5GSource: Qualcomm

What you need to know

  • Next week's iPhone 12 will be the first to feature 5G.
  • A new report says 5G will be available on all models, but super-fast mmWave will be US-only.
  • There are also rumors of a new 'Smart Data Mode' to optimize data allocation.

A new iPhone 12 leak suggests that whilst all iPhone 12 models will get 5G, only US-models will get mmWave, but that everyone will benefit from a new 'Smart Data Mode.'

According to Kang:

all of which are 5G models. At present, only the US model has the millimeter wave standard.

Kang says that Apple's entire iPhone 12 range will be 5G capable, but that only the US iPhone will have mmWave 5G. If you weren't sure about the difference between 5G sub-6 and millimeter wave, Sub-6 has greater range and signal strength, mmWave is must faster.

Whilst the split of mmWave is notable, Kang also says that all iPhone 12 models will benefit from a new 'Smart Data Mode'. From the post:

There is a bright spot in the use function: Smart Data Mode. My understanding is that 4G/5G is allocated according to the application bandwidth. Specific big data throughput applications use 5G, which is estimated to save power.

It sounds like 4G and 5G will be used according to how much data an app uses, to optimize not only your bandwidth but also help save battery life. For example, a big video download might use 5G, whilst an app in the background might use 4G. It seems as though the iPhone 12 will manage your data so that you're not using 5G all the time, extending battery life, and hopefully helping you manage any data allowance you might have a little better.

Ahead of the October event, which clashes with Amazon Prime Day, Kang has also seemingly revealed information regarding the iPhone 12's display, charging accessories, price and colors, and release date.