iPhone 12 accounted for 56% of iPhone sales in Q1

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • A new CIRP report says 56% of iPhone sales in Q1 were of the iPhone 12.
  • The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max were the most popular models.
  • CIRP says the Weighted Average Retail Price is now the highest it has seen in ten years.

A new CIRP report says 56% of Q1 iPhone sales were of the iPhone 12 as demand continues to skyrocket.

From the report:

CIRP finds that the new iPhone 12 models (12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 mini) accounted for 56% of US iPhone sales in the quarter. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max had the largest share for a single model, at 17% each (Chart 1). The model mix resulted in a US Weighted Average Retail Price (US-WARP) of $873 for the quarter, compared to $809 for the December 2019 quarter.

CIRP's Josh Lowitz notes that in Q1, iPhone 12 models, in particular, the most expensive ones "garnered a significant share of sales". Despite not being available the entire quarter, "model mix and pricing" saw the US-WARP rise to $873, the highest level in ten years.

Apple's iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max snagged 17% of iPhone sales each, with the 12 Pro reportedly right behind.

Interestingly, for all models, CIRP says that around half of buyers upgraded from the base storage, further boosting the average sale price.

In a separate nod to services, CIRP says Apple "improved penetration" for paid iCloud storage, Apple TV, and Apple Music:

"Apple Music and Apple TV improved penetration nicely in the quarter, so over one-third of customers have the streaming music service, and over one-quarter have streaming video," said Mike Levin, CIRP Partner and Co-Founder. "Apple always had decent uptake of iCloud storage, with over half of buyers reporting paid usage. Other services, like podcasts and paid news, are relatively steady at earlier levels, while Apple still struggles to sell AppleCare warranties. The diverse results show the challenges of the Services segment, with well-established ones like podcasts, well-integrated ones like iCloud storage, newer ones like Apple TV, and lagging ones like AppleCare, all facing a range of competitors eager to take on Apple as it works to grow these businesses."

The results are based on a survey of 500 US Apple customers who bought an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch between October and December of 2020.

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