Iphone 12 Design LeakSource: EverythingApplePro

What you need to know

  • It is rumored that the iPhone 12 won't have a charger or EarPods in the box.
  • Another prominent leaker has added their weight to this rumor.
  • L0vetodream says that the iPhone 12 will come in a "thinner", "exquisite" box.

Prominent Apple leaker l0vetodream has become the third source to claim that Apple's iPhone 12 will not feature a charger in the box.

In a tweet today, l0vetodream stated:

in my dream, the new IPhone will not come with the charger and earphone , this even applying to SE2. The new packaging box become thinner, and Exquisite.


In two separate stories over the last six days, both Barclays and supply chain guru Ming-Chi Kuo have stated that the iPhone 12 will not ship with either a charger or headphones.

A new 20W charger leaked last week in both photos and a certification filing, however, it seems that this will be sold as a separate product by Apple, or is perhaps for a more powerful device like a new iPad.

Whilst l0vetodream's leaks are a little unorthodox in style, the account is rated on Apple Track as highly accurate. The account has previously accurately predicted several features of the iPhone SE, as well as many WWDC software announcements such as the 'Big Sur' name for macOS 11, a redesigned Home Screen with widgets, new Call UI, and more.

Whilst seemingly controversial, on closer inspection the case for not including a charger is actually extensive. As this latest leak notes, it would mean the iPhone 12 could be shipped in a much thinner box, which LTD says will feature an "exquisite" design.

Interestingly, this is the first leak to suggest that Apple's newer iPhone SE will also be getting the slimming treatment, suggesting that future shipments of the device may lack a charger just like the iPhone 12.