Apple Iphone 12 CaviarSource: Caviar

What you need to know

  • You can already pre-order the iPhone 12.
  • Caviar is already selling a commemorative 'Apple 1' edition worth $10,000.
  • It features wood paneling and an exclusive fragment from an Apple 1 circuit board.

The maker of extraordinary iPhones Caviar is back at it again, this time with a commemorative 'Apple 1' edition of the iPhone 12 that has a cool starting price of $9,990.

From the phone's listing:

Apple 1, the first computer of the future global giant and innovator in digital industry, inspired the designers of Caviar to create a unique gadget Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1.

An element of the first PC in the world is incorporated into a wooden case with a glossy titanium screen, resembling the original design of Apple 1. You are holding a part of a historical moment!

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Classic is going to become a unique accessory for all Apple fans and rarity admirers.

By purchasing the Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 you are becoming the owner of a rare item – a part of the first computer by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple 1.

The phone contains an exclusive fragment of an Apple 1 circuit board, as well as a wooden back panel and an 'Apple' label in the style of the old computers.

There's a similar 'light' version that you can pre-order for a much more reasonable $4,990. It still contains an exclusive Apple 1 fragment, but it's much smaller.

Given the exclusive nature of the headline device, you won't be surprised to learn that only 9 of them are available worldwide. There are 49 'Apple Light' versions available. Caviar delivers its phones free to your city, and the transaction is accompanied by a personal consultant.

With the iPhone 12 yet to be announced, Caviar is of course simply banking on the release of the phone and likely plans to customize these models once the device is released.