iPhone 12 conceptSource: ConceptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • The iPhone 12 may be delayed until late October or November.
  • The 5G versions will reportedly experience the longest delay in shipment dates.
  • Apple may also delay the iPhone announcement until October as well.

There have been multiple reports that we may have to wait a little longer than usual to get our hands on the iPhone 12, and the latest report says that we could be waiting up to a month longer than usual. In fact, we may have to wait to hear about it a month later than usual as well.

Reported by Japanese site Macotakara, Apple may delay the announcement of its iPhone 12 lineup until the back half of October. The release of the non-5G models, another rumor that Macotakara seems to agree with, will ship towards the back end of October as well. The 5G versions of the iPhone 12 may not see ship dates until November.

According to the multiple Chinese suppliers, iPhone release in 2020 will be announced in the latter half of October due to COVID-19, LTE model will be released in mid October and the release of 5G model is expected to be in November.

The report also seems to confirm earlier rumors that Apple's latest A-series chip for the iPhone and iPad, the A14, will be the company's first 5nm chip.

From the end of the second quarter of 2020, Apple A14 chip is said to be manufactured with TSMC'S 5 nano metre production process by "InFO-PoP" the type of POP which mounts a semiconductor integrated and packaged with LPDDR5 memory.

Earlier reports have pointed to Apple maintaining its usual release schedule, so we could still see the company host an event in September with the new devices being released shortly after. However, with the uncertainty of the pandemic, the schedule for the iPhone 12 continues to be anyone's best guess with multiple different outlets with multiple different sources predicting different announcement and release dates.

It is also still unknown if Apple will even host a keynote event for the new iPhone. Other new hardware that was introduced this year has been announced through press release. However, with how successful the company was in hosting a virtual WWDC, the possibility of a virtual iPhone keynote is hard to deny.

Regardless of how it is announced, we must all be prepared for the possibility of a longer than usual wait for a release and to get the phone in our hands.