Iphone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector HeroSource: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 12 models feature a new Ceramic Shield screen.
  • That makes the screens less likely to break.
  • But Apple doesn't mention scratches, so what's the deal?

Apple's new iPhone 12 lineup features a Ceramic Shield-equipped screen which, Apple says, makes it less likely to break than previous models. That's great news for those who drop their iPhones regularly – but what about those of us who are more concerned about scratches? That's something tech destroyer extraordinaire Zack "JerryRigEverything" Nelson wanted to find out. And find out, he did.

In a video posted to YouTube Nelson takes a brand new iPhone 12 Pro and then runs it through the full suite of scratch tests, starting with a one on the Mohs scale and going up to none. As you'll see in the video, level six is enough to begin scratching the iPhone's screen.

New iPhones sometimes means new features. Today we find out how durable the new Apple iPhones really are. Apple has changed up the design again. Its still a rectangle. With a screen. But this time around its a blockier rectangle with a screen that might be tougher? We'll have to check to be sure.

That means that the new Ceramic Shield iPhones aren't scratch-proof by any stretch but, then again, Apple never said that they would be. Ceramic Shield is all about preventing iPhone screens from cracking when dropped, not preventing them from scratching. Hopefully, that's the next thing on Apple's radar.