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What you need to know

  • New figures claim the iPhone 12 accounted for one-third of global smartphone revenue in Q1 2021.
  • Counterpoint Research says Q1 was dominated by the iPhone in terms of both revenue and volume.
  • The quarter as a whole was supposedly a record-setting $100 billion quarter globally.

A new report says the iPhone 12 lineup dominated the smartphone market in Q1 of 2021, accounting for one-third of all smartphone revenue.

From Counterpoint Research:

The global smartphone revenues crossed the $100-billion mark in Q1 2021, setting a first-quarter record driven by the flagships, which grabbed most of the earnings.

The top 10 list of highest revenue grossing models in Q1 2021 was dominated by Apple and Samsung. The iPhone Pro Max captured the highest revenue in the industry, followed by the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, and the S21 Ultra 5G.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max was reportedly the best-selling US smartphone, and every phone on the list apart from the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE was 5G capable.

The iPhone 12 dominated not only in terms of revenue but volume too:

In terms of volume, the iPhone 12 was the best-selling model in Q1 2021, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. Strong 5G upgrades within the iOS base, pent-up demand and the spillover of Apple's demand due to the late launch were some of the factors driving the volumes for Apple. The iPhone 11 captured the fourth spot as it remains a popular choice for users looking for lower-cost Apple devices and in markets like India where 5G services are still elusive.

CounterpointSource: Counterpoint

As you can see from the data, according to Counterpoint even the struggling iPhone 12 mini pulled in more revenue than phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Whilst Counterpoint's figures are usually based on estimations rather than sales data, the overall trends show Apple's iPhone 12 is the best iPhone in recent memory, and customers seem to agree.