iPhone 12's big A14 performance boost confirmed in latest benchmarks

A14 Bionic Apple Art
A14 Bionic Apple Art (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • The iPad Air 4's first benchmarks have surfaced.
  • Scores reveal that the new iPad Air is up to 48% faster than the previous generation.
  • The A14 also scored 20% higher than the current iPhone 11's fastest speed, promising big things for iPhone 12.

New benchmarks for the iPad Air 4's A14 chip reveal that, as promised, the device is more than 40% faster than the previous model, which is very exciting news for the iPhone 12

The results were shared by Ice Universe on Twitter, who noted:

A14's first Geekbench 5 results appeared, single-core 1583, multi-core 4198, still the king.

As you can see from the shared Geekbench scores, the 'iPad 13,2', Apple's brand new iPad Air 4 sporting an A14 chip, clocked a single-core score of 1583, and a multi-core score of 4198. In and of themselves, benchmarks are quite arbitrary, and usually not a focus of Apple's marketing. However, these results are extremely important for two reasons.

Firstly, this confirms Apple's own indications that the new iPad Air 4 is 40% faster than the previous model. In fact, Apple's estimate (probably for PR reasons) is actually conservative. Compared to the third-generation iPad Air's score, the new iPad Air 4 registered single and multi-core performance increases of 42% and 48% respectively!

Secondly, Apple's new A14 chip is widely-expected to be the driving force of Apple's brand new iPhone 12, which is reportedly just days away from launch. Given the iPhone 11's A13 Bionic chip is faster than the A12 of the third-generation iPad Air, performance increases are slightly more modest, but still very exciting.

The new A14 chip registered single and multi-core performance increases over the iPhone 11 Pro of 19% and 27% respectively, which means that, as expected, the iPhone 12 is likely to be a whole lot faster than iPhone 11.

Given these are the first results for the iPad Air 4, we can expect more to follow in the coming days that may even out the scores a little. However, the impact of these results is clear. The iPad Air 4 is indeed a substantially faster device than the previous generation of iPad Air 4, and the iPhone 12 looks set to benefit in a big way.

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