iPhone 2.0 Rumor: MMS Cometh?

The webs are a blogger over (some awesomely sarcastic) reports originating from iPhone Atlas that -- wait for it -- an internal AT&T memo has revealed that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) will be among the new features revealed with the immanent iPhone 2.0 firmware release.

MMS -- a crusty old mobile-to-mobile technology that, once competing networks and technologies learned to play nice, let handset owners send photos, videos, and music to each other in the days when underpowered units were incapable -- or diliberately walled-off from -- established cross-platform file transfer standards -- has been one of the top most griped about features "missing" from the original iPhone 1.x firmware.

Is it for realzy realz this time? No idea. AT&T has been silent on iPhone 3G SMS plans to data (which some take to mean there won't be any other than the plans already available to every other smartphone), and yet Apple wouldn't really be Apple unless they were deliberately leaving off some obvious feature or another for no apparent reason, now would they?

With more rumors saying 2.0 has gone Gold Master, we should find out one way or another soon enough!

Rene Ritchie

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