Our iPhone App Wait-a-Thon has been a smashing success (once we get around to announcing the winners, that is. See the latest batch below). What's that, you ask? Any time you see a post tagged "Wait-a-Thon," any comment (with a legit email) is entered into that week's drawing for a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate. We're doing it to ease the pain of having to wait for Native Apps on the iPhone 2.0 software update. Go check out the full rules of the App Wait-a-Thon here, and you can always find the latest Wait-a-Thon opportunity here.

Of course, at the time we were expecting that the iPhone 3G would come much later. However, as recent rumors seem to show, it's likely going to be coming much sooner than we expected. So here's the deal: in addition to the weekly iTunes giveaway, we are going to give away an iPhone 3G once it's available!

After the break - the details on how to enter to win the iPhone 3G and winners of a bunch of App Wait-a-Thon contests. Read on!

How to win the iPhone 3G

It's simple, really. Just head on over to our newly-launched iPhone Blog Forum and register. If you've ever made a post back at the old Phone different forums, there's a good chance we managed to pull your registration over already -- just check out the member's list to find out.

Once you've registered, just make 20 posts between now and the day the iPhone 3G becomes available in retail. Your posts must all be iPhone-related and not just "filler." We reserve the right to disqualify a post based on our own whims of what is and is not filler, so err on the side of being interesting, mmkay?

The day after the iPhone 3G is released, we'll do a random drawing based on all the users who have posted at least 20 times between now and the release and give that lucky winner an iPhone 3G. When will that be? We don't exactly know (signs point to June 19th), which is what makes this Wait-a-Thon-Tastic.

What were waiting for again? Get to iPhone Blog Forum and get talking!

More iPhone App Wait-a-Thon Winners

Without further ado, these folks are getting their $100 iTunes gift certificates in their inboxes over the weekend: