iPhone 3.0 GM: iTunes App Gets On-Device Movie, TV Show, Music Video, Audio Book, and iTunes U Downloads

As twice rumored, the WWDC 2009, iPhone 3.0 GM (gold master) sees the on-device iTunes app, which previously added the ability to download video podcasts in iPhone 2.2, round out its content with movies, TV shows, music videos, iTunes U, and audio books.

To make room, the tabs at the bottom lose Top Tens and Downloads and now include Videos (movies, TV, music video) and a standard More icon, which gives access to a screen offering Audio Books and iTunes U, as well as the displaced Downloads and relocated Redeem (for gift certificate codes).

Like with the iPod App, an Edit button lets you drag around tab icons to lay things out just the way you want them. Also, like with video podcasts, music, and App Store apps, 3G isn't an option for anything over 10MB -- which for video we imagine will be almost everything -- so have your Wi-Fi standing by.

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[Thanks to Muero for the screenshots!]

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