iPhone 3.0: Receive Video MMS

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BGR, prompted by a forum post on MacRumors, has tested out some iPhone 3.0 functionality and...:

We’re happy to report that you can receive and play videos over MMS just fine

Sure to be a hit with the MMS lovers, though also likely to once again inflame the "no-video-recording-on-iPhone" frustraterati!

[Thanks to Gabriel for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • mmm...april fools mebbe?
  • well...i can´t see why the iphone media player wont´t play low res 3gp videos
  • Yeah that is extremely amusing... you can play but you can't record (without jailbreak and one of three different vid apps that enables). Nice, Apple.
  • Yeah, it could be April Fools, who knows?
    We're not doing anything like that on TiPb, and really we'd expect BGR to hit something like Video Recording -- that would be more April fools-worthy.
  • cool...would be great if it's true...i at least understand the "no video recording" thing...if what they've been saying about it killing the internal storage is true.
  • ^^^don't believe apples bullshit excuses. This ones even worse than saying 2g phones has a hardware limitation that stops mms when Swirly has no problem pulling it off.
    It doesn't kill storage one bit. My pos razr could do it with 8mb of storage and I haven't had any problems using cycoder on my iPhone.
  • I agree, video recording would be pointless, it would have to be at 320x240 or smaller, otherwise it would eat up too much memory. At that resolution it's pretty much too small to watch anyways.
  • i think it has more to do with the storage media and writing to it repeatedly than it does space...
  • I doubt that video recording will be absent. They did not allow MMS to be received when the iPhone didn't support it so why all video to be received if it cannot send. It's not in the current beta but will show up when it counts.
  • I think that we will get it in 3.0. They just don't want us to know EVERYTHING that we are getting in 3.0. They'll be like " oh yeah. We forgot... YOU CAN HAZ VIDEO RECORDING kthxbai!" Lol. And we really shouldn't need a hardware upgrade to do it.
  • If video was coming Apple would have said so at the 3.0 event, it would have been huge news. Frankly I don't even care about MMS or video.
  • Looks good but iPhone 3G and 2G owners wouldn't be able to send recorded video then...
    I don't see what the problem is to just put video on the 3G.
    I'm happy for this none the less.
  • Like i said on my twitter. I can't trust anything on the internet today. Stupid April Fools. Would be cool if this were true.
  • April fools?? This is exciting.. lol
  • As well as the 2G frustraterati. Still a lame excuse that the 2G radio can't do MMS.
  • iPhone video record
    what do you call a dear with no eyes
    'no eye dear'.
    Bluetooth file share
    What do you call a dear with no eyes and legs
    'still no eye dear'
  • Apple won't tell us everything about the next iPhone in the preview: they'll have nothing to show off at the official release. I think that the stuff about the memory is a bluff and that the memory is going to be seriously improved and so video is fine. Adding a voice recording app tells us that apple is turning the iPhone into an all round device and all phones with a camera and audio recording have video recording. For me video is a definate yes and about battery - I don't think it will be improved but eh...
    The 4th iPhone will be the battery boost as the main new feature. It's about time the iPhone had more memory. The design will be like the current iPhone but the material is going to be more like what the apple logo is made out of on the iPod touch 1g and iPhone 2g. That horrible scratchy blackboard stuff.
  • Its not real, the play button isnt even centered.
  • Hey there,
    Good post, I just found it and I am already a fan.
  • I received a iPhone 3G for Christmas. I downloaded the update so I could receive the MMS text files. HOWEVER I am unable to play the video files together with the audio files. Additionally each frame from the video comes as separate pictures like 10 picture attachments. Do you know of an app or another upgrade to use my phone?