3.1 required

While Jailbreaking iPhone 3.1 on the original iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G has made some strides, there's still no sign of an iPhone 3GS version. What there are signs of, however, are more and more apps taking advantage of iPhone 3.1-only APIs, meaning they can't be run on iPhone 3.0, meaning they're not available to iPhone 3GS Jailbreakers.

So far these iPhone 3.1-only apps are confined to a few camera-specific apps, but including the new features of the update, as augmented-reality functionality spreads, never mind whatever comes with the iPhone 3.2 beta when it appears, the number of incompatible apps is only going to grow.

So here's our question for iPhone 3GS Jailbreakers -- are you still content to wait for the Dev-Team to Jailbreak (and allow safe unlock of) 3.1, or are you getting tempted to restore to the plain vanilla OS? And how long will you wait?