iPhone 3G S - 2x Faster, but Still no 802.11n

Looks like DaringFireball.net nailed it: the S in iPhone 3G S stands for speed. Faster processors (we're guessing both CPU and GPU in line with new ARM and PowerVR chips), new OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation (no word on OpenCL yet, which leverages GPUs and CPUs).

HSPA cell downloads are also boosted up to 7.2 Mbps, where available.

Missing in the speed-boost department, however, was any word on support for 802.11n Wi-Fi according to the Tech Specs (opens in new tab).

Guess we're waiting on fourth gen for that?

Rene Ritchie

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  • it was announced that it would support 7.2Mbps (up from 3.6Mbps) downlink, uplink wasn't mentioned though. In the real world though you are unlikely to notice any real speed increase, as even networks that support 7.2Mbps generally only have a small fraction of their sites operating at this speed. It's also a theoretical maximum speed affected by several factors, and the typical speed is likely to be much lower.
  • MEH!!!
  • Am I the only one that is a bit disappointed with this update. It's faster, but is that something that you would only notice when the phones were side by side. What applications will take advantage of this and does that mean that apps in the App Store will start to specify particular iPhones due to speed.
  • Damn guys.
    I need to vent my frustration and disappointment. I expected a whole new handset from Apple and instead they came up with this. The name is so stupid, the only feature that is good is the addition of video, but even then, all phones have video these days. The camera's only 3.2 MP which sucks, especially for a phone at that price. Go out and buy the LG Cookie with a touchscreen, 3.2 MP Camera and a music player for less than an iPhone.
    I'm so disappointed.
  • @Andrew,
    Noted and fixed, thanks!
  • All these people who asked for or expected a front facing camera with iChat are DUMB. at&t can barely support iPhone MMS so HOW ON EARTH would they be able to support millions of people flooding their bandwith with live video chats? Use common sense people.
  • I am not surprised at all by the omission of an 802.11n chip. Didn't Apple just release a new Airport Extreme not too long ago that has both n and g so that people would not have their iPhones slow down the other wireless connections? They would not release such a product if they had plans to upgrade the iPhone to n shortly afterwards thus reducing the need for such a product.
    Overall I agree, this is not a whole new product....it's more of a half generation product like when they went from the iPod 5G (video) to a 5.5G. If I knew for sure that they would not be releasing any other iPhone for a whole year, then I would be willing to upgrade from my 2G but since you never can tell with Apple, I might have to think this through a little more.
    I was really hoping AT&T would offer a capped data plan option. I barely use my data plan (30mb per month and 50 or so texts) since I use WIFI heavily, so a jump from $20 to $35 for a comparable plan with texts is a big jump for me. Now maybe when/if I have 3G speeds I might use more data instead of searching out WIFI hotpots though.
  • Hrm does anyone know the processor speed for sure? 2x faster would put it at over 800mhz which I doubt.
  • This is the iPhone code name 2,1 or the 3,1 ?
  • I hate the new iphone so much that I'm going to drop AT&T and waste money on an ETF and buy the Pre!!!
    Wait, no.
    Actually, I like the new phone. I don't need a whole new phone. I'm sure that from a marketing standpoint, analysts say 'apple needs a whole new phone', but analysts have also been saying Steve Jobs is gonna die, come back right now, Apple's gonna make a tablet, Apple's gonna go onto verizon..
    and how many of us are even close to an analyst's level of know-how? We're all goofs from the internet!
  • Wtf??? What about the rest of the world where uk carriers could support the drain on their networks? I planned to sell my Blackberry Javelin and skip carriers all for the love of the new iphone but disapointment is a severe understatement. I happen to also use wifi daily and find it of great use. I'm hoping steve jobs will make a surprise appearance this week witha whole new handset saying: only joking guys, look at this new toy - got and produce a handset we were all hoping for.
    Palm pre isn't looking like its too much of an oddball now, other than the lack of apps - give it time. Oh well!!!
  • To me what sucks is that the first gen got two years upgrades on everything and the 3g gets one. I honestly dont know if Im gonna get this phone. It seems like its an end between phone. The setup for the forth gen. which will probably be completely revamped. They are seriously working harder and harder at getting more of your money in the media area. From a jailbreak prospective all of this is capable right now on the 3g.I would have preferred waiting on a phone and just put all the emphasis on the software upgrade.
  • They have to have something new and fresh to get the new users, and this also allowed the 3g price to fall to dirt cheap. They will probably sell a ton of the 3g to new and upgraders, sell the 3gs to new users who don't know any better, and then 3gs to some old users. I really don't see any reason to upgrade to the 3gs (from a 3g) unless video is that important to you, or a compass.
  • Just ordered 3G S 16G White, will be at my door the June 19th!!!
    Woot Woot...
  • Oh yeah, 2g user and very interested in video use...Click on my name...
  • I am really disappointed. I have iphone 3g and i will not buy another identical iphone only for 3 mp camera. Sorry apple i have wait so long for nothing so i have bought today Samsung Omnia HD i8910. Bye.
  • I just purchased an iPhone 3g on may 20th throgh AT&T. Will I be able to simply trade for a 3gs?
  • Time to realize people. Apple is not trying to offer the best phone it can every year. It is simply trying to get you sheep to buy the "coolest new phone"! Iphone 1 could have easily had all the features that iPhone 3Gs has! At&t is not going to lower their prices, they are making too much money of you sheep! Palm Pre still out deuls iPhone 3GS, no argument! Why not give iPhone 3GS multitasking ability, if it has twice the speed and RAM of 3G? Why offer a new OS that gives more than just search? No, they just take the old and add a few tweaks and call it 'iPhone OS 3.0'! You fanboys will never learn. Sprint's Palm Pre is the clear winner!
  • Yeah, I wasn't too surprised by the 3gs. I had a feeling (as did many people) that they weren't going to totally revolutionize the model. It's interesting that they priced the 8gb 3g model at $99, though. It's a great way to expand their customer base (stealing potential palm pre buyers) and get a whole new set of people hooked on the annual iphone update. I'm sure that in the long run, this is a better business move for them.
    As for me, I'm sticking with the 3g. There weren't enough new features to justify upgrading. Plus, the 3.0 software is going to make the phone seem totally new...
    I can't wait for cut and paste!
  • The winner of WWDC was the Palm Pre. Apple took a year to come up with a compass. I had one 20 years ago as cub scout.
    The good old iPhone going on eBay today $99 starting bid. Buying a Pre this week.
    em me if want to make a deal offline.
  • Am I the only one to note, we are in the worst recession, since the Great Depression? More notably, a global recession, and keeping in mind Apple is business, I don't think it makes sense to invest what little cash is in the market. They're sitting on their cash. It's business as usual, with a few minor updates. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I'd like more, too, but with the unemployment rate at it is, if you were in Apple's shoes, wouldn't you do the same? They're simply trying to bring value to the market, and a software upgrade is the cheapest, and safest way. I think there are more important issues, like your neighbour losing their home.
  • everyone got so hyped up over all the rumors, including myself (IChat anyone?) but once I got over the initial disappointment of not getting what I want. I remembered that before I heard about the update, I was ready to jump up to the 3g (Currently on first gen) so.. all in all I am still satisfied with my purchase of the 32gb 3Gs black! looking forward to getting it in the mail.
  • Well, what can I say but more dissapointment as the new iPhone will continue to be too much of an after thought.
  • I'm getting it and when the fourth gen comes out I'm getting that too. I just don't want to be lacking some of the features and be limited to certain apps.
    Also , I need it for the space. 16GB is a little too small always has been. If anything , I'm getting it for the space , not so much that they didn't give it a front facing camera.
  • Once again Apple is forcing us into a corner. You see, I paid $179 for my Airport Extreme, only to find that it is completely useless when operating in mixed (N + G) modes. There is too much interferance in my city. So I had to go to N only, but now my iphone can't connect. So then they magically come out with an update to the product for yet another $179! Yay! And buying the new iphone 3GS won't help me since it still doesn't have Wireless n built into it. I guess Apple didn't put N in the iphone 3GS because they want to force every iphone user to buy a new airport extreme. Pretty cool. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to get $100 bucks for my existing airport extreme so the $179 doesn't bite so much.
  • What it misses:
    Decent GPS. stop TRICKING US in believing iphone has gps!
    5MP camera. Lots of cells got it.
    Better external sound. Geez look at Nokia's phone. I feel embarassed when I compete!
    Transfer files via bluetooth. Stop being greedy apple!
    More RAM memory. Jesus christ a 2gb stick for laptop is like 50 bucks!
    Even better CPU/GPU. When a new Mac comes out it's like 5x faster.. why iphone has to be only 2x?
    Where the hell is multitasking? This cripples the iphone TOTALLY. WAKE UP APPLE.
    No flash in camera.
    No radio.
    No tv.
    No replaceble battery.. the phone is a dying clock without it.
    No memory card support.
    No front camera for videochat!! wake up! apple was supposed to be about innovation, not catching up to other phones.
    No 802.11n (faster and farter)
  • i will just stick with 3g, 3gs doesnt have many new features compared to the update 3.0 that will be out so if you have 3g i think u should stick with it and if you want to take videos with the phone just jailbreak and get an app to do it. even though thats your perspective to decide.
  • Man I wish I had the skills to become a developer and make a ton of money. No one here seems to realise what a "compass" makes possible. It's called a 3-axis magnetometer and it makes "augmented reality" possible. Look it up people. Give it a year and there will be a whole class of apps which are only possible on the 3gs.
  • I skipped the first 3G. This is the phone I was waiting for! 32 MB, video, decent camera faster processor. Really like the fingerprint resistant screen, also. The only feature I'm really missing is image stabilization. Yes, a front camera would be nice, but probably not so much that I'd want to pay extra for it. Does anybody genuinely believe that 5 megapixels would give better pictures on a dinky cell phone lens?--it would just be a waste of memory.
    Now if AT&T can just get the darn thing activated....