Apple removes AirPlay support from iPhone 3G?

The iOS 4.2 GM build seems to missing something -- AirPlay support for iPhone 3G. As we all know, iPhone 3G is already missing several iOS 4 features, and wasn't scheduled to get AirPrint either. Apple has said in the past 2008 hardware just wasn't able to keep up. However, AirPlay was alive and well on iPhone 3G throughout iOS 4.2 betas and Apple's very own website claimed that AirPlay would work for every iOS 4 device, which would include the iPhone 3G.

Obviously we will have to wait until iOS 4.2 goes public to see if Apple will indeed include AirPlay support for iPhone 3G, but as of now it looks like iPhone 3G owners have another reason to be disappointed in their device.

If you are still rocking an iPhone 3G, how do you feel about the possibility of once again being left out in the cold?

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