Updated: iPhone 3G Coming to Orange UK?

Updated: To address some of the comments, we edited out the URL field to protect the source, but it was not the public facing web address mentioned below. It was local intranet address. Of course, anything is fake-able, so we'll just have to wait and see if -- ever -- Apple and Orange UK make an announcement... or not.

Seems strange to be writing about iPhone 3G launches when there are so many next-generation iPhone rumors flying around now, doesn't it? Then again, there have been rumors about Orange UK getting the iPhone going back to the early days of iPhone 3G. Now, however, a helpful tipster has stumbled across what might be the first step towards confirmation:

iPhone 3G has shown up on internal systems at Orange UK (see the above pic), something that typically happens 6-8 weeks before a handset starts shipping on the network.

O2 has been exclusively carrying the iPhone in the UK since just after the original iPhone was first released, but competition is a Good Thing, right?

Any of our UK mates think iPhone on Orange is brilliant, yeah?

Rene Ritchie

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