How Much iPhone 3G Data Are You Using Now?

Last August, a month after the iPhone 3G's release, we asked you how much iPhone 3G data you were using. Now, some 10 months post-release, with cries that iPhone users consumer "too much" of their "unlimited data" and should be charged more, and perhaps on the eve of the next generation iPhone announcement, we're asking again:

How much iPhone 3G data are you using now?

Because here's the thing: the iPhone is the first real, successful consumer smartphone. Lots of people have them. And even though Wi-Fi is an option (one not available to many Verizon smartphone users) and serious video-streaming apps are still missing in action, get a convention full of iPhone users together and AT&T's network still goes down.

So is it that iPhone users use too much data, or simply that too many people have become iPhone (and thus, data) users for AT&T's current infrastructure to handle?

After all, single lane highways are fine -- until everyone starts buying cars.

Rene Ritchie

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