iPhone 3G S Early Review Roundup

Well, it looks like UPS did indeed deliver a few iPhone 3G S a tad early. Heh. And here's what some of the top guns in tech thought of Apple's newest handset.

Overall, most felt it was evolution rather than revolution, a solid update if not one re-forged in the unicorn tears of it's ancestors. Is the best getting better enough? TiPb will tell you our thoughts after we stand in line tomorrow and grab ours. If you're waiting as well, check out the reviews and let us know what you think:

  • Chicago Sun Times: Review: iPhone 3G S is a slick upgrade for a slick device
  • CNET: Apple iPhone 3G S - 32GB - black (AT&T)
  • Engadget: iPhone 3GS Review
  • Gizmodo: iPhone 3GS Review
  • New York Times: Apple Fills in Some Gaps With Latest iPhone
  • USA Today: Upgrade makes great iPhone even better
  • Wall Street Journal: New iPhone Is Better Model–Or Just Get OS 3.0
Rene Ritchie

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