iPhone 3G S Firmware Already Lining Up on Apple's Servers?

No, downloading and installing it on your iPhone 2G won't magically give it a better camera, video recording, or unicorn tear-powered 2x speed. (It will most likely give you heartache -- never mix and match firmware!) but MacRumors forum has already found iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone hardware 2,1 lingering about Apple.com.

(We're betting it's waiting in line for the hardware -- curse those pre-order limits!)

Again, we don't recommend doing anything with it -- if you're getting an iPhone 3G S it'll come pre-installed. We simply present it as another check box on the road to release, like Find My iPhone going live, and Push Notifications hitting the App Store.

Fun week ahead, no doubt!

Rene Ritchie

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