iPhone 3G in Canada: Ridiculous Rogers Rates Raise Revolt

We've done our share of protesting the plan rates released by Canada's GSM monopoly, and therefor de facto iPhone 3G exclusive carrier, Rogers Wireless. But we're hardly alone. Reports have even surfaced of angry consumers egging Rogers retail stores.

Now CNN/Fortune have cast their spotlight on it, focusing one what was originally the explicitly, if sincerely named [redacted]rogers.com, now more safely (if less satisfyingly) rebranded ruinediphone.com.:

What’s wrong with Rogers’ rate plan? Both AT&T (T) and Rogers offer calling, data and text messaging at $75 a month, for example. But for $75 Rogers offers a third less calling time, half as many text messages, and puts a 750 MB cap on 3G data usage — with steep fees for users who go over their monthly limit.

In addition to ruinediphone.com's petition, would-be-Canadian iPhone owners should head on over to David McGuinty's petition for House Bill C-555 to promote transparency and fairness in Canadian telcos. and the Competition Bureau of Canada

Rene Ritchie

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