iPhone 3G in Hong Kong on 3

Proving their kung-fu is far better than Canada's or Scandinavia's, Hutchison Telecom's 3 brand just kicked out some positively Confucian price points:

With a 2 year contract, the low end plan will run you just HK$188 (a WOW-inducing US$24!!) for 500/500/500 (minutes, heart-to-heart minutes, and data megs), along with 25 MMS and 15 SMS (+ unlimited intra-SMS), and HK$2938 for the 8GB handset and $3738 for the 16GB.

Top end is HK$498 a month (US$42) will net you 2200/1500/Unlimited data, with 150 MMS, 50 SMS (+ unlimited intra-SMS), a FREE 8GB handset, or HK$138 for a 16GB.

By way of bitter comparison, Norway is paying US$221 for 1000 min. and 1GB, Sweden is paying US$145 for 1000/1GB and Canada is getting hosed for US$100 for 600/1GB. (AT&T is $+30 for unlimited data).

Thanks to Janric for the tip!