iPhone 3G in Mexico on Telcel

Not to be outdone by the Kings of Hong Kong, Mexico's Telcel has also revealed what they're going to be beating, piñata-style, out of the subscribers for the honor of owning El Jobso's iPhone 3g.

Low end plans start at US$36 for 200 min, 100 SMS, and 100MB of data (!), with US$311 for the 8GB handset and US$434 for the 16GB

High end tops out at US$79 for 700/250/Unlimited data with a FREE 8GB handset or $123 for the 16GB.

Strangely the middle plans offer paltry 150MB/200MB data caps for $49 and $59, while $79 nets you unlimited?!

Still, Mexico seems to have landed much closer to AT&T's side of North America than Rogers...

Thanks to Keith for the tip!