iPhone 3G in the AT&T Backroom

Ah, to be an AT&T employee the day before the official iPhone 3G launch. To be in the backroom, taking a camphone video (naturally, not with an iPhone) of the device while the boss isn't looking, to take photos (below) and then to send them along to TiPb's tip line with the note that the 3G reception is superb and the GPS' reception is too, picking up satellites even indoors. Would that we were all so lucky and so brave. Our hats off to you, anonymous tipster, for now we have visual proof that the iPhone is indeed in stores in the US and that, well, that the darn thing is more reflective than any other phone we've ever seen.

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Dieter Bohn
  • Apple is now using that phone's GPS feature to track down the store and personally kick some ass.
  • doesn't this employee watch CSI? We can see their reflection in the phone.