iPhone 3G Sauron: 02 Un-Re-Non-Announces Pay-As-You-Go!

Proving once again why telcos lead the universe in lack of customer satisfaction, within the span of a single day the UK's exclusive iPhone 3G carrier, O2, announced and then un-announced Pay-As-You-Go plans!

The original info revealed that you could get an iPhone 3G 8GB for £300 and 16GB for £360 on the PayG plans, with browsing (data?) and WiFi tossed in free for the first 6 months, and £10 a month thereafter. Offer valid to new and upgrade-worthy customers until the end of the year.

Now, however, the page is gone, the server is bereft, and only a very Apple-esque talk-to-you-later notice remains.

Accidental upload snafu, rapidly rolled back? Attempt to gaslight over-enthusiastic iPhone non-contractors? You decide!

UPDATE: Apple Insider is reporting that O2 may be honoring their usual 1-year-later unlock policy for the iPhone 3G on Pay-As-You-Go. This means, 12 months in, you could cough up £15 to get your iPhone opened up to any network.