iPhone 3G Spotted. Again. Maybe.

Another day, another iPhone 3G sighting. This time is comes courtesy of iphoneclub.nl [currently down, via engadget mobile] and the image seems to confirm our previously posted image of the iPhone 3G inside a case - which is to say it's a little bit bigger, a little bit whiter, but otherwise looks like an iPhone sans the metal casing on the back.

Does anybody think that this is coming later than the expected June launch date anymore?

Update: you can see a few more images here

  • i do not i think it latter then june.
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  • Why wouldn't they take a pick of the front!? That's where we'd get all sorts of questions like "is there a front facing camera or not" answered.
  • The do have a picture of the front. Follow the link and you will see.
    If it really is the 3G iPhone casing, I am upset... It would confirm no flash for the camera :(. I am also extremely wary of these images for the fact that case has a white backing. Apple unifies their products to have a similar look, and right after the iPhone came the redesigned iMac with the black/metal casings. I can't see Apple moving the design of their iMacs forward and the iPhone back to what they used to use.
    Only time will tell though.
  • ah yes I see now.
    Says its from an accessory maker and the front photos have no actual screen installed ... could this just be a new case for current iphones?
  • P.S. The link (and site) is alive and kicking again :)
  • this is a fake and was confirmed fake by esiders sources. its said to be a professionally painted ipod touch, with the black dot as the camera. whcih is why the pic quality is so blurry. iphones and touchs alike can be painted to any color and look as smooth as a cars paintjob. its not believable.