iPhone 3G Spotted in the Wild ....By a Surprising Person

An enterprising fellow has caught the iPhone 3G in the wild! Whilst at dinner in London he ran into a few Apple employees who gushed about the device, talked up the upcoming launch, and generally passed the iPhone 3G around for everybody present to ogle. Basically the Apple folks were so giddy they couldn't help themselves. See his rundown here.

That's all very nice, isn't it? Here's the best part: The fellow we're referring to is Derek Snyder, aka Master of Mobility, the Wizard of Wireless, the Warlock of Windows Mobile, aka the Senior Product Manager for Windows Mobile.

When even the folks in charge of Windows Mobile can't help but try to scoop the iPhone 3G, you know you're looking at a 'big deal.' (We kid Snyder because we love). Still, good and proper to see that Microsoft is keeping an eye on the iPhone front, it's even better that they're playing nice with Exchange on the iPhone. Hugs all around!

  • he shoudl have grabbed it off the table and ran! thats what i would have done
  • Confession: it was a total set up. Katie found out the mobiletard was there and had Moishe set up the drop. WinVistaMob Se7en is making Cairo look timely and we knew Snyder was lusting after a little pocket universe denter love, so we let him get close enough to taste it, figuring he'd blab it all over the blogsphere and drive another stake into Monkey Boy's chest. (Can't wait to get THAT phone call!)
  • The guys nose......can't stop staring.
  • Is it just me, or is that apple guy's nose HUGE?