iPhone 3G to Support MMS, Original iPhone Won't

Whew! The feature announcements in the iPhone 3.0 event came fast and furious. One of the most-wanted features, MMS, will be supported when 3.0 is released to consumer this summer. That's the good news. The bad news: Apple claims that the radio on the original iPhone 2G can't support MMS, so that feature will not make it to 1st gen iPhones.

MMS on the iPhone 3G looks to be almost full-featured. You will be able to send and receive photos, audio, vCard (contact cards), and 'location.' One thing that won't be supported on MMS: Video. The iPhone 3G still can't record video and therefore, one assumes, receiving video MMS will be difficult.

Still - it's lovely to see the iPhone finally support a feature that's common not only on other smartphones, but on nearly every feature phone made. iPhone 3.0 can't come soon enough!

Dieter Bohn