iPhone 3G Takes Home "Gadget of the Year" Award

Apple's iPhone 3G wins "Gadget of the Year" according to readers of Stuff Magazine. Ok, are you really that shocked??? Not me. (Of course there were only 2% of all iPhone 3G owners having some issues... right?) The UK's Stuff Magazine deemed the iPhone 3G as being a:


blockquote>faster, cleverer version of an already remarkable phone

The devices that competed against the iPhone 3G were as follows: Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, Nintendo's Wii Fit, and B&W's Zeppelin iPod speakers. All of the products up for this honor were judged in categories including performance, design and value, as well as "cool factor".

Congratulations to the iPhone 3g!

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  • Rightly so
  • Im really glad to see the iphone's success, Good job Apple
  • Definitely deserved. Congrats Apple!
  • iPhone sucks. NOT!!!!! Hahhahahahaa
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