A couple days ago we mentioned that Orange UK might be in the running to become the second (after O2) carrier to get the iPhone in the United Kingdom. Today comes word that Vodafone (think of it as Verizon with a fancy accent and GSM goodness) may also be splitting the Isles wide open. According to Mobile Tech Addicts:

Now we have discovered a Vodafone portal designed for the iPhone. It is basically a portal that gives you access to news but the question is why would Vodafone go to these lengths if they weren’t about to get the iPhone.

The site points out that, of course, it could just be a smart move from Vodafone to woo unlocked, or soon to be unlocked, iPhone owners off O2 and onto their pipes.

Time will tell, but for our UK readers, is Vodafone a better option for you than O2 or Orange UK?