iPhone 3G Unlock Watch: Another Step Closer!

I have a funny feeling that sometime shortly after the 2.2 firmware drops, we will see the iPhone 3G software unlock in the next version of the ever so popular PWNage tools from the Dev Team.

They just updated their blog with more good news, the ability to spawn background tasks. Which is great and means they have everything they need for the unlock except for the implementation. Watch the video above for more details.

Keep up the good work guys. Everyone here at TiPb appreciate your work!

[Via blog.iPhone-dev.org]

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  • finally!
  • yeah' when 2.2 drops,
    I really need beatmaker 1.1.3, to see what
    that audio line in feature will do, we can live
    without flash and wait for that new Arm and
    Adobe chipset, but Steve call this one right,
    designers will learn to author around this,
    TiPb is a classic example.
  • You guys seriously need to make QuickTime movies. These mystery boxes are leaving out your target audience ;-(
  • @Keil, sorry, but that's how the original poster posted the video. If they used YouTube it would be better for iPhone users I know. But it's not our fault.
  • Guys please use a YouTube video in the embedded.. T_T