Hmm. YESSIM has claimed that they can unlock iPhone 3Gs using a YESSIM SIM card for all the unlocking purposes. They have video-proof complete with convoluted instructions and a dodgy FAQ on their website. The Sim Unlock was developed in Europe and requires a jailbroken iPhone 3G. Are we taking this with an ordinary grain of salt or a Mt. Everest sized one?

What raises TiPb's eyebrow is the fact that their website has common spelling and grammatical errors. Plus it seems like they're pimping their product more than showing the process. But hardware Sim Unlocks do seem to be from foreign countries and use some mysterious, voodoo magic to unlock the iPhone. So I guess if they're right, we can forgive them for everything.

What do you think? Is this legit? Or should we wait until a non-SIM Unlock method?