Here at TiPb we’ve covered 10 things we thought Apple needed to fix in the next iPhone. With the anticipation of the iPhone 3G, the rumor mill went crazy with things like video conferencing, different models, etc. all but confirmed at one point in time. We even ran a bunch of our own predictions.

And well the Jobsnote was yesterday, and though we got the biggies: 3G, GPS, flush headphone jack, and a $199 price point, but we also missed out on a lot of stuff we thought we would be getting already.

Read on to see what we didn't get in the iPhone 3G!

Here’s the quick hit list:

  • A Better Camera – we’re still stuck with the 2 megapixel camera with no flash, no zoom, and a tad bit slow. I personally think Apple missed a great opportunity to place themselves ahead of the curve in camera capabilities.
  • Video – I’m personally not a big fan of video recording, it’s just too shaky and amateur-ish for me. But this would be sweet if they had integrated Youtube uploads.
  • Bigger Storage Size – Just 8 & 16 GB? What about the current iPod Touch’s 32 GB? Couldn’t manage to fit it in?
  • MMS – A lot of people use this popular yet limited technology. Missing out on it when pretty much any phone can do it is disappointing.
  • Note Syncing – I guess this could be remedied by MobileMe? But in theory this is an easy feature to do, no?
  • Cut & Paste – Sigh. This is probably the single, biggest issue that has been missing in the iPhone since its release. Can’t we get acknowledgement that this is in the works, at the very least? Come on Apple, throw us a bone.
  • A2DP Bluetooth – Yikes. The world is going wireless and Apple is left behind. The iPhone is the best music player on the market, you would think they would have included support.
  • Release Date - July 11th? I can wait a month but what were those rumors floating about IMMEDIATE launch doing? Not even Mid-June? It's not like you guys updated much...I kid, I kid.

Basically, we got 3G & GPS…and not much else. Maybe because they were so focused on hitting that $199 price point that they had to leave out features. Honestly, I think they realized they couldn’t possibly fit in everything to blow everyone away while keeping the same form factor, so they decided to do some shock and awe treatment via the price instead. I mean I was absolutely floored by the price but including cut and paste and note syncing doesn’t take up space! It’s simple software that Apple is wonderful at.

What do you guys think? Did Apple miss a great opportunity to leap the entire smartphone field? Any features missing that Apple should have included? Wireless-n? iPhone nano? Why do you think Apple kept upgrades to a minimum? How do you feel about the iPhone 3G ‘the morning after’?

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