iPhone 3G/3GS Unlock Tool blacksn0w Due Out November 4th

George Hotz, aka geohot, posted on his Twitter account that he has found an exploit to unlock any iPhone that contains the 05.11.77 radio baseband found in the 3.1.2 iPhone software. This new unlock tool, blacks0w, will be released to the public on November 4th and yes, it does contain hackivation!

Something else that everyone should take a look at is a post that Hotz wrote up on his blog regarding all of the websites out there that sell unlocks and jailbreaks to people who don't know any better. These tools that jailbreak and unlock are a simple google search away and don't cost a penny. These people who run these sites truly are scum that are simply ripping a lot of iPhone owners off.

All we can do to help shut these sites down is to just spread the word. The more of us who are aware the better.

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  • Wow, Andy. People /still/ do that?
    Anyway.. good job GEOHOT!
  • Crazy scary smart. Thanks Geohot.
  • I'm totally selling this on eBay!
  • New trend~~> FIFTH
    anyways, can't wait to try it on my 3G & 3Gs. Thanks @geohot
    note to forum mods: Delete those "First" comments. Thanks
  • Last 
  • FYI.... I think you meant 05.11.07 baseband not 05.11.77! Which is GREAT beacuse it's what I'm running!!!' yeahhhhhh!!!!! Go George!!!!
  • Geohot is the man
  • The cat mouse game is on again.
  • GeoHot is A G for using Drake's "Forever" in the background too!
  • This is awesome! Yes it would be better having a more reliable unlock from the iPhone Dev-Team but at least the jailbreakers are back ahead of Apple. This will be great for those who are buying new iPhones and want to unlock them. Can't wait till it's out!
  • so is this the one?www.blacksn0w.net
  • @Fringgo
    I think Geohot is better. His 3.1.2 jailbreak is way better than any jailbreak I have used from the dev team. Much more stable. No battery issues. Faster.
  • Drake= the shit. So since geo used drakes song that makes him te shit. Ive been following that nigga since 06 hes got so many good songs. I bet u people who only know his famous songs are like wat he has more??? Fkin posers lol jl i love u haha
  • Geohots#1!!!
  • Here comes the onslaught of dumb questions.
    Good work, geohot.
  • Does this work on the "NEW" 3GS's with the new bootrom?
  • Hi, I really wish to buy the $99 iPhone 3G, but want to be sure if Apple or AT&T wont go ahead to charge me for the 2 year contract plan after unlocking and jailbreaking it. You can reply to my email. Thanks.
  • Excellent news! My nephew was going to order an iPhone from the States to bring to New Zealand and required unlocking functionalities to get it to work here. Its too expensive here at the moment :)
  • Yes!!! finally thank you Geohot!! since i had recently bought an iphone 3GS, it had the new iboot and 5.11.7 but now he unlocked sweet!! only problem though is the tethered jailbreak .. oh well :)
  • @ Gbenga
    THe only way i know of to get a $99 3g is to sign the 2 yr. And there is an early termination fee. I think the best thing to do is find one on CL for around $350 (what I see them go for around here)and then unlock it for t-mobile. I pay $40/mo for 350 min, unlimited texts and data and couldnt be happier with the service. If people are paying less elsewhere, let me know :)
  • N8R...How did u get that plan for t-mobile and is it still available?
  • WOW...!!! UR SUPERMAN GEO..!!!
  • what about 2G???
  • So could someone please confirm what firmware version this baseband is related to? I'm assuming it's the latest firmware?
    Ps: we really need the Internet sharing going again!!
  • Devinbriggs.com
  • i have updated itunes and my iphone 3g stopped working
    God knows what went wrong, i am paksitan, people say that firmware is upgraded
    pls someone explain is my phone got wasted or what
  • I have 3.1.1 firmware with 5.11.07 do I have to upgrade my firmware to 3.1.2 for this to work?