iPhone 3GS vs. Droid vs. Droid Eris -- Browser Battles!

Android Central has posted up their iPhone 3GS vs. (Motorola) Droid vs. (HTC) Droid Eris, and -- spoiler alert!!! -- the iPhone 3GS is still king of the browser hill:

Bad news for Droid lovers: the iPhone 3GS beat the heck out of the Droid in the above test. Other tests taken after the video weren't quite as dramatic as what you're seeing here, but facts is facts: the iPhone 3GS does load and render pages faster than the Droid.

(It'll also load pages over 3G while you're talking on the phone, whereas he CDMA Droids' effective render speed under those conditions is zero. Multitask that!)

And yes, we'll boast while we can, because we're sure as the weekend progresses, the Droids' will beat the pants off TiPb's flagship device in other areas...

Rene Ritchie

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