iPhone 3G S Speed

We've been talking about the zippiness of the iPhone 3GS -- S as in Speed -- since it launched, and report after report has confirmed that not only is it fast, it's faster than we initially thought.

Here's more of the same. Running OpenGL 1.x like the iPhone 3G (never mind that it can run OpenGL 2.0 which the iPhone 3G can't), the results are most impressive:

  • The CPU performance is Faster by 40-70%
  • The fillrate* is 3x to 4x higher
  • Texture effects and filters are about 10x faster

These are probably better indicators for now, since game developers likely won't abandon the 40 million previous generation users (and their money) any time soon. Does make you wonder when it will happen, though, and what the games -- and other apps -- will eventually look like.