The illustrious iPhone Dev-Team says that the 24Kpwn techniques, originally developers as part of the iPod touch 2G jailbreak efforts, look like they just might work on the iPhone 3GS as well!

This is great news, but how did it happen? Why didn’t Apple fix this in their normal cat&mouse fashion? Well it seems this bootrom was cut in about the August 2008 timeframe, so the unintended early reveal of 24Kpwn earlier this year didn’t affect the iPhone 3GS

They're also confident that the recently released ultrasn0w unlock will work on the iPhone 3GS once they get the jailbreak up and running.

No word on a time table for all this yet, but would-be jailbreakers keep them fingers crossed...!

(And for those still itching to customize the iPhone 3G, Jeremy now has full redsn0w jailbreak and ultrasn0w unlock guides up for both Mac OS X and Windows PCs)

[Thanks to XM_JDM in the TiPb iPhone Forums for catching this!]