iPhone 3GS 3.1 Jailbreak/Unlock PwnageTool Release Imminent

For those of you who have patiently been waiting to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS with the 3.1 software, your patience is about to pay off. According to MuscleNerd all of the testing is complete and the new PwnageTool is almost ready to be released to the public.

Regarding the iPhone 3GS 3.1 software unlock, if you have already updated to the official 3.1, there still is no known way to unlock your device. In order to unlock the 3.1 software on a iPhone 3GS, this next version of the PwnageTool will be needed to make a custom IPSW file to preserve the 04.26.08 baseband firmware. Again -- that older baseband is needed if you plan on unlocking your device successfully.

Stay tuned as we will bring you the news when the latest PwnageTool drops.

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  • @iPhone milk
    No way!? Really?! Were you first? That way cool man. I would have had no idea seeing that your entry was FIRST! Thanks for that exciting news.
  • Does this mean that if you upgraded to the official 3.1 on you 3GS (never Jailbroke), you will be able to Jailbreak, just not unlock yet? I'm with AT&T and don't plan to change carrier. I just want to Jailbreak!
  • I too just want to Jailbreak, so can I not worry about stuff?
  • @thundr: Nobody said you would not be able to jailbreak. There is a big difference between jailbreaking and unlocking. Jailbreaking is allowing your device to use 3rd party software and allowing software to break free of it's bounds and have more access. Unlocking is removing the lock the ties you to AT&T as the carrier. Many people unlock their iPhones and use tmobile service. I've met a surprising amount that do this.
    If you are with AT&T then you don't need to unlock. According to the article, the new software will let you jailbreak, but the new baseband will prevent unlocking.
  • Can't wait to get adblock, backgrounder and winterboard back.
  • Well that will be my bday gift for tomorrow can't wait!
  • what about windows users
  • I've been following the comments on the dev team blog,musclenerd and cpich3g's twitters It seems for OTB 3.1 like me and people that didn't save their stuff on sauriks server before upgrade to 3.1, will not be eligible for the update, so that still leaves a lot of us that bought the 3gs later on out in the cold. which sucks, as of right now it seems the only option is to wait for greenpois0n.
  • i'm curious to see how much the performance is improved with the 3Gs on a lot of the Apps.
    I won't be using Backgrounder just because i don't need it.. But Quick text and a really cool Theme however.. would run faster on the 3Gs. :P
  • hey all im kind of new to the whole jailbreak thing and i was wondering if its okay to use different tools to jailbreak. for example, i have already jailbroken my iphone using redsnow a while back, so it is okay to use pwnagetool now or do i have to wait until there is a newer version of redsnow? sorry if this question is really dumb!
  • I just bought a new 3gs. It came with 3.1 firmware. Will this be able to be unlocked/jail-broken as well?
  • @jimmyjohn no you don't have to use the same tool not sure which phone you have so that's all I can tell you.
  • @Aroon
    Yes that is what this article pertains to, Jailbreaking the 3.1 3Gs. as far as unlocking goes No, and there's a big difference between the 2.
  • @jailbreaker
    i have a 3GS 16gig with 3.0.1 fw if that helps at all
  • coolllllll. been waiting for a while now jailbreak is back..thanks for the info
  • Luckily 3.1 doesn't seem to have that many must have features. Security fixes are nice, and I am looking forward to app management via itunes, but the temporary hold on jailbroken 3.0.1 has been pretty painless.
  • Is there a set time frame for the release date? Will it be a new release of Redsn0w?
  • Just got my iPhone yesterday.. 3GS 3.1. Can't wait so we can jailbreak our phones :D Currently with ATT, don't mind them so unlocking I'm not too worried about.
  • thank you very much for news
  • Another noob question. I have a 3gs with the 3.1. I was one of the unlucky ones for which the 3.1 upgrade caused major batter problems. Will this allow a rollback to 3.0.1? Assuming I can download some working version of 3.0.1 somewhere. Thanks for any info.
  • Stasplaya44:
    I believe it will be another release of redsn0w.
    Pwnagetool is only for unlocking.
    If you have 3.1 you will be able to JAILBREAK.
    If you depend on pwnage for cellular service (you're unlocked for another carrier) you cannot upgrade to Apple's 3.1 ever. You'll lose your unlock for-ev-er (gotta love the Sandlot).
    If you upgraded to 3.1 from Apple you will be able to jailbreak with the new release. Again, no unlock.
    That's the info I've gotten/read/interpreted anyway.
  • DIP
    Unfortunately I won't let you downgrade.. I have tried many times.
  • sorry IT won't let you
  • TOM
    Thanks man for the update.... My work pays for my data plan so I could really careless what carrier I have. ATT is my current carrier but we should mention to people if you want to enable MMS on the iphone without having to upgrade to 3.1, I suggest people follow this link...
    Follow these directions and you won't have to upgrade.
  • Does anyone have thoughts on ICY???
  • Clearly the second poster was jealous that he missed firsties. Clearly.
  • I concur.
  • Ok here you go guys. Another stupid question. I have the 3gs and updated to 3.1, I just want to jailbreak, so what program should I use? Also when will that program be out?
  • MERC
    Can't jailbreak yet.. but the new version of Redsn0w should be out soon but I don't know when according to this article.
  • Check out these guys frequently.. they are the pioneers of the jailbreak...
  • Thanx
  • @Mike
    I AGREE!! =) =) =)
  • Currently have jailbroken 3.0 on a 3G iphone (not GS). I use Windows. Want to get 3.1, but not lose unlock -- so I've held off. Will this new jailbreak let me do that so I don't have to use official Apple update and, by preserving the baseband, keep the ultrasn)w carrier unlock? In other words, is this ONLY for the 3Gs, or 3G as well. (Last I saw the 3.1 jailbreak was only for those with Macs.)
  • So...um.....is the jailbreak out yet?
  • if i update my 3gs to 3.1, can i unlock it?
  • Uh...how about now?
  • I just wanna jailbreak my 3gs on 3.1 ... I don't need it unlocked ... My iPhone is a 16 gb 3gs 3.1 OTB ... Will I be able to jailbreak with the new tools
  • people on these posts here are getting all excited over bullSh*t..
    What the hell good is jailbreaking for anyway. The most important thing on this phone or on any of these GSM phones for that matter is tethering and all these so called updates/hacks dont allow you to go back to tethering (in the US)
    all the rest of it is crap
  • Tucker
  • @NWcrusier, obviously you're a noobie to jailbreaking cuz if you weren't, then you would know that there are apps that allow you to achieve the same thing as the iPhone internet tethering. Plz don't try and rain on others parade without knowing what is completely available through the power of jailbreaking =). Been using my phone as a internet source with my laptop since firmware 2.2 on my old 3g (have 3gs now).
  • If I jailbreak, will I still be able to download apps from the apps store and will winterboard themes crash my 3GS?
    Also, does it affect my battery life if I run these custom themes and other features to run in the background and if I decide to send it to apple, will they accept it if I restore it on iTunes back to factory settings?
  • LoL. Shut him didn't you Tvo??? LoL.
  • Sorry but in most cases jailbreaking is for losers with too much time on their hands.
  • Please see below about what you will be able to do with your phone: iPhone 2G (any size) all Firmware - jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G (any size) Firmware 3.0.1 and below - jailbreak and unlock (with PwnageTool created .ipsw for 3.1 upgrade) iPhone 3G (any size) Firmware 3.1 - jailbreak iPhone 3Gs (any size) Firmware 3.0.1 and below - jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3Gs (any size) Firmware 3.1 - jailbreak
  • Therealtruth
    "Sorry but in most cases jailbreaking is for losers with too much time on their hands".
    better to have time , than no time at all.
  • I don't understand how you people just ASSUME that 3.1 3gs's are jailbreakable! If you guys actually read the twitter remarks for dev team members mainly MuscleNerd and cpich3g you'd know that this is only jailbreakable for people who are already on 3.0jb or had thier info saved on sauriks servers! for OTB 3gs owners, and people who didn't save thier stuff through cydia (so it should be quite a lot since the phone is still quite new). So just like the downgrade, its gonna be a select few who will be able to JB, the rest of us are stuck waiting on the either them or chronic to come out with some kinda solution, which should be significantly longer
  • So half the crowd says no to the JB only on 3gs 3.1, and half say yes ... I don't mind waiting .... Just wanna know if I'm waiting fr nothing
  • not exactly true if y our on 3.0 and you wanna update to 3.1 while preserving the base band hit me up liontamer34 on aim
  • So if my 3.1 ECID SHSH was saved with cydia, will I be able to jb once new pwnage is out? Or is it for 3.0 ecid shsh files only? Pls let me know. Thx
  • Jailbreaking is not worth the chance of adding to it (added by Mobile using Mippin)
  • Does anyone know what the new baseband offers by way of features, stability, etc... that the old doesn't?
    Also will the custom IPSW disable 'tethering' that was enabled with just side-installing/ hacking the AT&T new firmware to get MMS?
  • Also for @therealtruth, Jailbreaking is for the more technology inclined, poweruser and so forth. It opens up the platform, and yes it's a platform, for all sorts of tinkering. Sure, you can just use your touchscreen 'mini computer' that you paid a bunch of money for to make calls and listen to music. Apple hit the spot with this thing! Not only does it satisfy casual users who know nothing about tech and just want a cool convergence device, it satisfies the hardcore hackers and devs. That's why we JB! Once you go JB you never go back :)
  • Does this also mean 3.1 JB for Windows as well?
  • I will say it again ( for all the Brain dead) AT&T does not want any of you or anyone for that matter tethering on their network and having all sorts of computer users tieing up their network so 3.1 upgrade has KILLED TETHERING DEAD. No amount of hacks or jailbreaking is gonna fix that. If you just wanna use your phone for other useless apps jailbreaking is fine. But NOTHING will bring tethering back.
  • I have jailbroken my 3g after 3.1 itunes update but cant unlock will this be possible with the new software? Thx =.)
  • @ therealtruth. It sounds like you are the loser with to much time on your hands becasue we like jailbreaking and you have plenty of time to go out of your way to come on a pro jailbreaking form and try to rag on the very topic we are discussing. Get a life and find a better way to use your time like jailbreaking :)
  • Hi there I'm a newbie on the iPhone. I recently bought an iPhone 3G S 16gb with software 3. I've been searching around and I can't find an effective way to unlock it..
    Will the dev-team release an unlocking aoftware soon? =) And I was thinking of purchasing some unlocking software on the net. Do you think it will work? Thanks for any info guys! =D
  • It's official... http://bit.ly/10MujG
  • Is it highly unlikely that after an inadvertant update on an unbroken 3gs to the latest firmware that I will ever have the phone unbroken ever again....or am I simply stuck with a very expensive equivilent of an iPod touch. I don't understand what the baseband is but I'm getting the feeling that I've made a terminal mistake as far as ever using this phone As a phone ever again goes. Any help?
  • @Reems
    Awesome post thanks for the link to the official dev-team site. I love those guys. but the message outta go out. if you have an official version of OS3.1 from apple No tethering EVER.....
  • No iphone3gsnewbie! Stay away from that iphoneunlocker.com etc junk on the net. Everyone that has bought it so far reports that it is repackaged redsn0w software. It will not jailbreak or unlock your 3.1 3gs.
  • @jailbreaker
    sorry i didn't reply sooner. i just got back from a 10 mile run.....anyway how long does it take you to read a little paragraph and post a couple of words in your spare time? is it really going out of your way? i mean if jailbreaking is what you like to spend your time doing.....fine, i just think there's more fruitful things one can be doing with their time instead of sitting around on their fat (not everyone) asses......
  • @TBD
    Point well taken.
  • what about jailbreaking 3g with WINDOWS?? whats going on with that?
  • So if i used purple rain to jailbreak my 3gs on 3.0 and stored my ecid ob sauriks server and i am now on 3.1 i just jailbreak via the update pwbage ? Any help is appreciated ?
  • SIXTY-SEVENTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi ,
    what about the third generation ipod touch which i received 2 weeks ago with 3.1 , will i be able to jailbreak it ?
  • @therealtruth. Jailbreaker, although not very eloquent about it, was right. Between the guy who wants to get the most out of the phone he/she worked hard to pay for and the guy who comments on a pro-jailbreaking article condemning the topic at hand, who really has too much free time? Sure, there's more "fruitful" things the jailbreaking community could be doing but unless you were typing while standing, you had to waste time and sit on your ass like everyone else in order to comment to begin with. Nobody's productive 24/7 and no one should be expected to be.
  • @ therealtruth. It is going out of your way to read about and respond to a topic you don't like if it's me I don't waste my time with things I don't like or don't plan to use. I definatly would not comment about a subject that the form is about negativly. The real truth is that you have no life and enjoy posting things like you did where you did becasue you want to get into a "argument" about it. That's what you do with your time that's what you like. Otherwise save your reply and antijailbreaking comments for a antijailbreaking form.
  • Also, just to clear up some confusion, the pwnagetool released today will only work with previously jailbroken iPhones or those that had their 3.0 files backed up with Cydia. If you upgraded to 3.1 without ever having jailbroken in the past or had 3.1 pre-installed when you purchased your iPhone 3GS, you will not be able to jailbreak at this time. By the way, for those unsure, Pwnagetool is for MAC ONLY. If you use Windows, first of all good for you for choosing the superior OS (it's a joke, no need to take up arms, mac users), but you will have to wait for Gr33npois0n, redsn0w, or whatever they decide to call the Windows release this time around.
  • Hold on hold on, who was FIRST?!?!?
  • I don't remember doing anything to do this but when l start cydia, it says that "this device has a ECID SHSH on file"
    what does that mean and what did I do to get that put on file. I don't remember being prompted, etc. Was it automatic?
  • Mac only huh?
    Let's hope redsn0w follows shortly.
  • @jailbreaker
    I never said I didn't like or approve of jailbreaking. I could actually care a less. The truth is I'm in the homestreach if training fir the NYC marathon.....and needed to distract myself with some pointless crap. Sorry.
  • @tlj
    sorry for reading an article and sharing my opinion on it. In the future I will be sure to avoid such things. Again I am truely sorry. Thanks
  • hey do you guys know if i restore from backup or set up as a new phone after i jailbreak through the new Pwnage tool?
  • I had an unlocked/Jailbroken Iphone 3GS 3.0 fw which has now bricked. It cannot be restored via itunes and the only option is to restore and update to 3.1 fw which I have declined to do. I wonder if the new pwnage tool will work for me if I upgrade to the 3.1 fw via itunes. What options do I have please?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Just hope that the unlock is released soon as I will be using my iPhone 3Gs overseas... alot
    I don't like AT&Ts data plan prices too expensive
    So OS 3.1 is awesome but not worth to lose the jailbreak and unlock over
  • hey likito
    Um you could try restoring to the OS 3.0 software again
    Just search up iPhone firmwares on Google and download the 3.0.1 OS firmware and put your iPhone in Recovery or DFU Mode and Hold Shift plus click on Restore and navigate it to the OS 3.0.1 software and walah there you go
  • Hey thanks Justin
    I guess that still requires itunes with an active internet connection.....right?
  • oooook. now that I've re-jailbroken my phone from 3.0 to 3.1, ALL THE EXTENSIONS ARE BROKEN. i'm stuck in safe mode unless i uninstall all the underlying crap.
  • Ok...I went thru and everything worked fine but now I get no service...any help?
  • "Once you go JB you never go back". What bullsh*t ! Read other blogs around the net. More and more ex JBers out there everyday. They're tired of the repeated headaches after each Apple update. It's a phase many tech junkies go through. Not that I care whether anyone does it or not, but it seems like a lot of tinkering to enjoy an already great phone. There are many other phones that invite open development, why not use them instead? Just saying techies, so chill.
  • Here's a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.1 firmware using Pwnage 3.1.3 for Mac! http://retwt.me/w9Tv
  • Someone above mentioned that jailbreaking permitted tethering (or some means of sharing a 3G connection with a laptop) by means other than official tethering (the thing you turn on and off in Settings if you are on a carrier that supports it, or installed the carrier profile hack for AT&T).
    Is that true, and if so, could you give a pointer to it? Right now I have stayed at 3.0.1, not wanting to lose tethering, but would eventually want to upgrade as more apps are saying "3.1 only".
  • Can anyone explain why Dev Team won't release a Windows version of pwnage tool? Are Windows users being punished or is this just a name thing... Red yellow ultra sn0w? Thanks
  • @ therealtruth so what your saying is you had some time to kill and you are as you put it a loser with too much time on their hands. I read you loud and clear good buddy. Invest the time in jailbreaking rather than wasting everyones time putting it down. Sorry I wasted everyones time calling you out because it wasn't worth it I would rather have spent it researching jailbreaking. :)
  • Hi I have a question. I have 3g with bootloader 5.11.07 and I like most people upgraded to 3.1 and recently downgrade to 3.0. My question is if I have firmware 3.0 and bootloader 5.11.07 can I beable to unlock and jailbreak my phone?
    Thanks! Any reply is helpful. =]
  • @rycebabee Sorry if your baseband has been upgraded to 5.11.07 then you cannot unlock your phone as there is no unlock availabe at this time. There has been speculation that there will never be an unlock. I was in the same situation and I decided to just get rid of my 3g
  • OH MY GOD... what idiocy. I will say it ONE last time. TETHERING with the Iphone 3G and 3GS with official apple 3.1 upgrade or out of the Box 3G or 3GS IS DEAD..DEAD..DEAD. The Dev team WILL NEVER...NEVER...NEVER bring it back. A few and I mean a VERY few people either updated using ONLY Dev-team software or did not update at all. Those people can still tether. But NO ONE and I mean NO ONE else (which is pretty much all the rest of us) can tether ever again. There is NO HACK, NO WORKAROUND, or NO TRICK that will ever bring tethering back. News flash I work at apple so I know what I'm talking about. The ONLY important thing abo