iPhone 3GS Oleophobic Coating Wearing?

Engadget Mobile has posted a link to a forum in which an individual claims to have issues with the oleophobic coating on his iPhone 3GS wearing off.

Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. Is it likely this will happen to you? Highly unlikely. There could be a few explanations here: could be a simple case of user abuse or perhaps it is a stroke of bad luck for the owner who happened to get a defective iPhone.

Whatever the case may be - do not panic! This is a single report - TiPb has found no other cases of users having this very issue, even within the 10 page thread linked above. Nobody really knows what really happened here so there's really no need to worry. Start to worry when flocks of people start having issues with it.

Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy your iPhone 3GS.

[Via Engadget]

  • Oh my god.... iPhone on the window not good :(
  • you mean we shouldn't all start panicking and spreading word that the iPhone is defective and quality control sucks etc etc like they do at engadget?
  • This is not goood...
  • Yeah my 3GS is fine. It gets a little warm when I use data and voice at the same time for a long period of time w/o turning off the screen, but that would be normal.
  • I think ppl are just messin up they iphones on purpose geesh come on i so dont believe dat lol
  • It's a coating. Anyone who wears glasses and has had coated lenses knows coatings were never designed to withstand alot of wear.
    Some chemicals, like RainX, will remove most coatings. (Dont use it on glasses, or iPhones ).
    I was suprised apple even bothered releasing this. Especially since many use screen protectors.
    I've never seen any postings or stories raving about this coating. Does it work at all?
    Why is the wear so consentrated in the center in the image? That is not where I touch my screen most.
  • Literally millions of these phones have been sold to date and one, yes one, is reporting a problem with the Oleophobic coating. From the pictures you have to wonder if the 'wear' hasn't been caused by some solvent residue on the user's fingers. Think of a painter who wipes his hands with turpentine to clean off the paint, then starts tapping away on his iphone. Look likely? I think so too.
    And of course Engadget relies entirely on these edgy, verge-of-hysteria iphone stories to get its name into print. Without the latest iphone problem it has massaged out of all proportion, Engadget would be quoted in the press about as often as a tree.
  • @icebike on engadget they said the guy was a big fan of Flick Fishing. lol
    I personally believe that it isnt ALL iPhones that are going to mess up. it isnt like hundreds have been reporting this, just a few. defective ones, sure. apple should replace them, definitely. recall? at this point, not necessary.
    also @icebike i have heard that the coating actually works wonderfully. and you never know, apple has kicked out some revolutionary stuff before, it could be a new coating that actually lasts.
  • My iPhone 3GS user manual says the coating will wear off with time. Presumably it'll last a little longer than 2 or 3 weeks though!
  • I agree with Jack dodson
  • Looks like user abuse. Then the user is trying to make a big deal so that he can claim the phone is defective. That way apple will replace it. He did something to it and is not willing to take resposibility.
  • Like Icebike said, coatings don't last forever. I always get anti-glare coatings on my glasses and they really don't lest that long unless your anal about using a microfiber cloth every time you clean them which isn't practical if you ask me. For all we know this user put a acetone on a rag and wiped his screen with it. Apple doesn't make invincible products despite all the Apple tax they charge. This coating is nothing more then a convenience that will not last for ever. No big deal.
  • Looks like an issue of not keeping it clean.
  • @Icebike It was my pick od the week last week.
    I personally don't use a screen protector - I don't see a need for one. Although I Did have one on my old iPhone obny to kill the glare.
    I like the coating a lot especially since I tend to eat and mess with my iPhone at the same time.
  • @Nat: I couldn't find a any reference to the coating in my 3GS manual, never mind a reference to it wearing off. Where is it in the manual?
    I hope it lasts for a year, this is a big improvement over the 3G for those of us who go "commando".
  • What you mean Apple products might not be perfect????
  • Yeah I've had mine since June 24th and it doesn't stop finger prints nearly as good as it did when I first got it. Now my hands have to be like really clean.
  • sfditty: The manual entry is in "iPhone 3GS - Important Product Info and Safety Guide" on apple.com/support
  • I have the same problem. My 3gs coating has worn off which is VERY likely not "highly unlikely" like the author claimed. It's very possible since many of us use the phone obsessively.
    I called 2 local Apple stores non of them have even heard the word "oleophobic". One didn't even know the 3GS came with fingerprint preventive surface.
    As of now i have no solution yet. But with follow up research Im sure there is some sort of wax you can apply on it that'll work. Maybe like a car wax or glass polish. Any ideas? ill test it on my phone. email me alex@thesystemto.com