Regarding iPhone 3GS, Overheating, and "the Weather"

The UK's Telegraph ran an article recently with a headline stating "Overheating iPhone 3GS: Apple blames the weather"... that could be a tad misleading. The Telegraph cites an Apple knowledge base article, last updated June 25, 2009, that warns about leaving the iPhone 3GS in hot places or using it under hot conditions, and shows a screenshot of the iPhone's temperate warning screen,

The problem is, as longtime TiPb readers know, it's the same knowledge base article that's been up since the introduction of the iPhone 3G in 2008, the update merely adding in the newly launched iPhone 3GS.

So, while the iPhone 3GS may indeed have overheating problems -- though we're not experiencing any yet -- saying Apple blames the issue on heating is, as mentioned, a tad misleading.

In any event, we're more interested in whether or not our readers are experiencing iPhone 3GS overheating issues, and if so, what are you doing on the device when you experience them, and are you running a jailbroken device?

Rene Ritchie

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