Macworld is reporting that while the iPhone 3GS chipset does indeed support the new (for North America!) HSPDA download speed of 7.2 Mbps, Apple didn't see fit to equip it with the matching HSUPA upload speed of 1.4/1.9 Mbps. Indeed, they claim the iPhone 3GS will top out its uploads (sending videos to YouTube, emailing photos, etc.) at a comparatively anemic 384 Kbps.

Perhaps not a big deal in North America where, as noted, the GSM networks are still building out their speed. (Hold your laughter, CDMA, your upload speed is faster but it's not like you've flipped the switch to Rev B yet either -- you all have your hidden shames!).

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In Europe, however, where HSPA networks are as mature as their coffee is good, well... they're going to suffer senselessly slower upload speeds.

We've asked you in the past how fast your downloads were, now let us know how your uploads are doing, and how much HSUPA -- or the lack thereof -- matters to you.