iPhone 3G S Hero

Yeah, we're the entitled generation. We want everything, we want it now, and free isn't good enough -- you better pay us to like it!

Well, most of us aren't that bad, but our expectations have no doubt been set high, almost impossibly high.

So, while Apple is touting their faster, video shooting, voice controlling, compass spinning new iPhone 3G S, we just want to remind them of just what we didn't get... after the break!

  • No new casing. No colors. No matte finish. No black bezel. No aluminum unibody. Nothing. The iPhone 3G S is stuck inside the same shell as last year's model. Doesn't Apple know that smartphones are fashion accessories now? How will other people know that we have better, newer versions than they do if the casing doesn't show it off?

  • No HD. No OLED. No Hi-Res 480x800 display. No 16x9 display. No HD-Radio. No HD out via AV cables. Nadda. When even Windows Mobile and the Zune have better screen specs than what Apple produces, well... it's like looking up at the end of the movie and seeing the monkey on top of the horse.

  • No Mobile iChat Video. So what if AT&T's network would come crashing down around our ankles the first time Kevin Rose jumped on it, Mobile iChat with a front-facing camera for video is something we wanted. International readers, we're sorry AT&T is holding you back. We realize the Asian iPhone likely already materializes holograms....

  • No CDMA. No Verizon. No China Mobile. No EDVO Rev whatever. The iPhone 3G S stays locked to GSM.

  • No 802.11n. We got faster CPU, faster GPU, faster web rendering, faster HSPA cell data, faster everything -- except Wi-Fi. Sigh.

  • No FM Transmitter. Um. Okay. We don't really care about this, but if you do, we'll share your rage and incredulity.

  • No MobileMe 2.0. We got Find my iPhone. Remote Wipe. iDisk (iDisk?!). But we didn't get server-side email rules, server-side calendar subscriptions, no remote back ups, no photo sync. And that stinks!

  • No Multitasking Background apps Except for Apple's built-in apps, which have always multitasks, the newer, faster, stronger iPhone 3G S doesn't even provide for limited 3rd party apps.

  • No glowing Apple logo. Come on. You know you wanted it. It would have sold more units than multi-touch. What. Were. You. Thinking.

  • No Steve Jobs. No cameo. No "one more thing". No phone call. No voice mail. No video. No poppa.

Did we miss anything? Were there any other new hardware or hardware/software features you really wanted that evil Apple still haven't given you?

Sound off in the comments!